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Overviews regarding Real-Time Text in modern (IP) networks

This is an overview of documents, overviews, presentations and specifications related to accessible real time conversation, including Real-Time Text, Total Conversation and Text Telephony in other documents then the standards documents. This webpage has the ambition to serve as a convenient starting point for finding information relevant to Real-Time Text.

Overviews, articles, regulations, policy statements

Document Full Name Explanation Type
TCAM eWGD network requirements INCOM 07-06x Network Requirements for Accessible Conversational Services. EU, TCAM eWGD 2007.

Requirments proposal for real-time text and total conversation.

References RFC 4103

Proposed requirements for Europe.
ITU-T Web pages on Accessibility ITU-T SG 16 Work on Accessibility

Summary of work in ITU-T Multimedia group and elsewhere on accessibility.

References RFC 4103 in presentations.

Web site
Accessibility presentation in IMTC-NGN workshop Accessibility in New Emerging Networks and Services Presentation made for joint ITU-T / IMTC workshop 2006 PDF of Powerpoint
Text over IP Text over IP Information on functions and standards for Text over IP on Wikipedia Wikipedia
EU PSP programme Total Conversation and Emergency services ICT PSP Work Programme 2008. The European Commission, 2008.

Work programme for EU projects where INCOM 07-06x document is referenced for standards, that in turn.

References RFC 4103 (ref 16)

Ongoing EU project REACH112 fulfils the project programme requirements
SIAT procurement requirement spec for textphones and total conversation devices Kravspecifikation fšr texttelefoner, bildtelefoner och totalkonversationsenheter, Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology, 2010-06-23.

Procurement requirement spec for accessible terminals.

References RFC 4103 normatively.

Procurement requirement spec
Vision on Total Conversation Implementation EICTA Recommendations on Total Conversation - From Vision to Implementation, DigitalEurope, August 2007

Manufacturer proposal white paper.

Proposes SIP and RFC 4103.

Published white paper.
Proposal R1 Proposal R1 for Implementation of Real-Time Text Across Platforms, Trace center, Oct 2008

Harmonisation proposal and information source.

References RFC 4103.

OneChat conference tool report ONEChat enabling group chat and messaging in opportunistic networks, Heming Cui, Suman Srinivasan, Henning Schultzrinne, University of Columbia, 2010. Research on multi-party chat using and referencing RFC 4103. Published research report
Aegis RTT overview Aegis: Survey of existing real-time text protocols, TCP/IP methods; address card specifications. Aegis EU project, 13/5/2010

Thorough research report on real-time text protocols.

Refers to and recommends RFC 4103

Published research report
REACH112 EU Project Responding to all citizens needing help, EU CIP PSP project web site. July 2009 Implements Total Conversation based on T.140/RFC 4103 Published project web site.
The Universal Access Handbook The Universal Access Handbook, Constantine Stephanides, ISBN 13:978-0-8058-6280-5, CRC Press 2009

Book with chapter on Accessible communication.

Reference to RFC 4103

Accessibility Book
SIP Beyond VoiP SIP Beyond VoIP, Henry Sinnreich, Alan Johnston, Robert J Sparks, VON Publishing , 2005, ISBN 0-9748130-0-1

Book with chapter on accessible conversational services.

Reference to RFC 4103

Telecommunications Book.
IMS Multimedia Telephony over Cellular Systems IMS Multimedia Telephony over Cellular Systems, Shyam Chakraborty, Janne Peisa, Per Synnergren, Tomas Frankkila, Wiley 2007, ISBN 978-0-470-05855-8

Book about the IMS Multimedia Telephony system.

RFC 4103 referenced.

Telecommunications Book

Profiling general documents with accessibility interest.


Standard Full Name Explanation Type Status
One Voice Multimedia Telephony profile GSMA PRD IR.92 - IMS Profile for Voice and SMS. Version 1.0 GSMA

Extracted subset of 3GPP standards to be implemented.

References real-time text as in 3GPP TS 26.114 normatively, that references RFC 4103 normatively.

Technical profile Approved
NENA i3 Stage 3 NENA i3 Stage 3 All Committee Review version, NENA, 020210

Emergency service IP access specification.

References RFC 4103 normatively.

Technical specification Public Review Draft
DSL Forum


Base requirements for Consumer-Oriented Analog Terminal Adapter Functionality DSP forum ATA functionality, mentioning textphone passthrough by V.152 and V.151. Product profiling Approved

This overview is maintained by Gunnar Hellstrom and Arnoud van Wijk

Please contact us if there are omissions or errors. We encourage you to contact us as well if you have additional relevant documents that are interesting and useful to be posted on this webpage.

Updated September 10, 2010


Creation and maintenance of this overview page is partly supported with funding from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), U.S. Department of Education, under grant #H133E040013 and #H133E090001. Any opinions expressed herein are those of the Real-Time TaskForce and not necessarily those of the Department of Education, and does not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.