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Sponsor the R3TF

Why sponsor the R3TF?

The R3TF is a non-profit Foundation that depends on sponsorship funds and donations. We do not offer paid services. In fact we are so caring that we want to help everyone who wants to work with Real-Time Text. The more funds we get, the more we can do to make this possible.

Now you may wonder...what makes it so special for my company or organization then?
There is now a unique opportunity to be part of the foundation that really makes a huge difference in Internet communication and Telephony for many people.

The goal of the R3TF is, after all, to ensure that harmonized, interoperable Real-Time Text (RTT) communication solutions are as readily available as conversational voice in all IP environments.

That means making RTT mainstream and usable for all with the same expected compatibility as voice communication.

The biggest impact of RTT as a mainstream product is that the Internet and telecommunication will become fully accessible for most people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or with a limited or no ability to talk.

This means that we have an opportunity right now to remove one of the biggest hurdles in communication for most people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or have a limited or no ability to talk! Suddenly, they can also fully be part of modern Society and fully participate in their professional and personal lives.

The R3TF is a centre for advocacy and knowledge exchange in the field of Real-Time Text. This means that you can work with other implementers and organizations to improve your RTT based products and services. This includes advice, discussion mailing lists, testing RTT and get in touch with the user groups for RTT. The R3TF is a common ground for all RTT related activities and products (including Total Conversation).

Sponsoring the R3TF means:

  • That your funds will ensure that the R3TF will be able to pursue its goal.
  • That you directly contribute to an Accessible Internet, and thus support an Internet for everyone.
  • That the R3TF offers a common ground to work on standards, policy, design, implementation and creation of services with RTT and Total Conversation.
  • That the R3TF can help you and others to test the RTT and Total Conversation implementations and products.
  • That you are actually giving back to Society.
  • That you give back to society new technical solutions that are more accessible by supporting Open Source Software or enable free and low cost Software.

What happens with the funds from the Sponsors?

The incoming funds will be used for:

  • Promotion and Stimulation of Real-Time Text and Total Conversation.
  • Participation and assisting implementation projects.
  • Lectures, presentations and conference participation for R3TF internationally (e.g. IETF, IGF, e-Inclusion conferences)
  • Contractors for specific tasks necessary to run the R3TF (e.g. administrative, director and secretarial work and coordination) and projects participation.
  • Any other actions and activities approved by the Foundation Board necessary for the goal.
  • Operational costs of the Foundation.
    • Promotion and Awareness of the R3TF.
    • Website (maintenance and design new website with proper collaboration tools and WCAG 2.0 compliance).
    • Hosting and bandwidth costs.
    • Accounting and legal costs
    • Office expenses
    • Communication costs for online meetings including Speech to Text or sign language Interpreter services for the Boardmeetings.

The R3TF is a non-profit Foundation. All funds will be used for improving the R3TF and its mission.
The R3TF is registered by the Dutch tax authorities as an Entity with General Benefit Objectives (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). This means that all sponsor funds and donations will be tax deductable if you are based in the Netherlands.

The 2 Sponsorship levels

The R3TF considers it very important that all Sponsors are recognized for their incredible and generous contribution.
The Sponsorship program is currently under development and may change. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

R3TF Plus Sponsor

  • Donation begin level: EUR 20.000 / year or higher.
  • Logo on Sponsor Page with size: 300x160 maximal with URL to your website.
    • Logo placement: top section of page.
    • Logo in it's own row, highest amount top.
  • R3TF provided R3TF Plus Sponsor logo for your site
  • Joint press release with the R3TF.
  • Sponsorship announced in news section Homepage.

R3TF Sponsor

  • Donation level: EUR 5.000 / year.
  • Logo on Sponsor Page with size: 150x80 maximal with URL to your website.
    • Logo placement: upper-middle section of page.
    • Logo in it's own row, highest amount top.
  • R3TF provided R3TF Sponsor logo for your site
  • Press release issued by you with R3TF quoted.
  • Sponsorship announced in news section Homepage.


  • Donation start level: EUR 100 / year.
  • Name as text on Sponsor page.
    • Text location: Bottom of page
    • Text placed alphabetically in shared rows

Any donations are welcome of course. For any amount you will have our undying gratitude. Many small fish will feed a whole village.

Contact us to join us as Sponsor