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Description of the Real-Time Text flash movie

The flash movie is about a Real-Time Text conversation between 2 persons. It shows a vertical splitscreen. On the left side it is the remote person Lisa, on the right side the calling person Arnoud. Both users are deaf.

The conversation is displayed character by character. Seen the moment it is typed.

start conversation:

Lisa: Hello this is Lisa speaking

Arnoud: Hi Lisa Arnoud here how are you?

Lisa: Hi Arnoud, long time no see! I am great. How are you?

Arnoud: That is true it has been a while. I am fine and I wanted to call you to show how real-time text actually looks like.

Lisa: Yes, we can call now and actually have a conversation.

Arnoud: true, we can see the text flowing over the screen just like voice flows :-)

Lisa: and type the same time if we like

Arnoud: haha yeah that is true.

end conversation

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