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What is Total Conversation?

While Real-time Text (RTT) is often used stand-alone, it is also a key component of Total Conversation.

Total Conversation is a standardized concept allowing an audiovisual conversation with bidirectional full-duplex real-time transfer of Real-Time Text, video and voice between two or more users.

This means that you have RTT with video and voice (audio) simultaneously in the call.

Total Conversation allows people with one or multiple disabilities (for example people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or deaf-blind) and people who find them in a situation where the addition of RTT and video to the audio fulfill the conversation needs much better than only audio. For example there is background noise making the voice hard or impossible to understand or the call takes place in a location where voice is inappropriate to use like a library. Or for example where a speaker is heavily accented and only understandable via RTT.

The bottom-line is that Total Conversation enriches the communication for all.

The following video clip shows an example of Total Conversation in use.

Total Conversation is an ITU service description in ITU-T Rec. F.703.

Additional information about Total Conversation can be found at "RTT in standards".