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Support the Real-Time Text TaskForce

Sponsors and Partners and Volunteers

As a non-profit foundation, the R3TF can only exist with the help and support of our Sponsors and Partners and the Volunteers.


Sponsors are organizations and companies (and individuals) who donate the R3TF money or resources but are not participating in the R3TF directly. They can use the resources and knowledge and information as any interested person or organization or company. The R3TF will help with RTT implementations and tests and promoting etc.


Partners are organizations and companies (and individuals) who are involved with the operational part of the R3TF and participate in the projects representing the R3TF.
E.g. an engineer of company X works as R3TF on the Interoperability project or any other project or helps with the website technical back-end.
Another example is someone who can help with the organization on marketing or business plans but the employer makes the paid hours available.

You can be a sponsor and a partner at the same time.


A volunteer is a person who participates in the R3TF on his/her own without an organization or company involvement or support.

Contact us to join the R3TF