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Foundation R3TF, how it started.

The R3TF started as a project where expert volunteers in the area of Real-Time Text communications were brought together.

Several experts have a background in Internet and telecommunication standardisation at organisations like ITU, IETF, 3GPP and ETSI. Some of them and other experts have a background in communication needs for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Or even encounter the communication limitations in the Internet and telecommunications field personally.

The R3TF project has been incubated by ISOC where ISOC provided coordination assistance, technical expertise, and implementation support with the goal to develop the R3TF into an independent organisation. This activity is part of ISOC's "Enabling Access Initiative" which aims to address some of the fundamental hurdles to Internet growth and usability.

The project R3TF was very successful and garnered a great deal of interest and commitment on the part of the participants.

In late 2009, the individuals involved in the R3TF decided that it was ready to stand alone as its own organisation and in October 2009 the R3TF was incorporated as a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands.

As a foundation, the R3TF will be able to work more directly with the stakeholders.